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Welcome to micklexington.nyc. Here you will find my latest writing and information on projects. Check back often for updates or send an email under the Contact Section to be added to my mailing list. Also, feel free to join me on any of the Social Media sites listed on this page.

Stay Free

Coming in the Summer of 2018: Stay Free – the podcast of autonomous culture.
Watch this space for venus and further developments.

Mr. Jack & Under Two Bridges

Currently I have two projects in development; Mr. Jack and Under Two Bridges.

Mr. Jack is film in 12 part which takes place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Under Two Bridges, which also takes place in the LES, is a web-series thematically similar to Mr. Jack, yet has an ensemble cast. Each episode of U2B is from the point-of-view or POV of a different cast member.

Mr. Jack

The definitive prodigal son Val Shepard returns to New York City after a self-imposed exile to find, his girlfriend married, his career as an artist in shambles and his home occupied by a stranger: the charismatic Jackson King, or Mr. Jack. With nowhere to go, Val takes up residence in the discarded janitors closet across the hall from his old studio. Here Val is witness to Jackson's decadent lifestyle, heroin abuse and sensual parties. Val begins to develop an admiration for Jackson, and as vicarious observer, sets a series of events into motion that will ultimately lead to Jackson's demise. Through the perspective of protagonist Val Shepard, and from the safety of the screen, the reader experiences the passions and decadences of Manhattan's Lower East Side, the last bastion of Bohemia in New York City.

Mr. Jack

Under Two Bridges

Under Two Bridges is a twelve-episode web/TV series, each episode a self-contained story. It takes place over an eight-year period, yet the episodes are sequential. It is set in New York City between the East Village and the Lower East Side down to the East River, between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges, (Under Two Bridges). The series is written in multiple first person Pont of View. The nine main characters of Under Two Bridges each star/feature in at least one episodes and act in supporting roles in the others.

Under Two Bridges

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